Parole Document Lt Deacon USN

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Titre Parole Document Lt Deacon USN
Identificateur w1812_X6442
Document original Parks Canada
Description Lieutenant Deacon was the master of the Julia. On August 10, 1813, the USS Julia and the USS Growler both missed seeing a fleet signal from Chauncey, the US commander on Lake Ontario, and as a result were cut off and captured by the British fleet under Yeo. This document was carried by Deacon when he was held as a prisoner in Beauport, near Quebec City. It describes the prisoner, and indicates where and when he was permitted to be out of doors. As an officer, Deacon gave his word that he would not attempt to escape while in the approved location. The deep folds attest to its having been presented for inspection on many occasions. Deacon was exchanged in 1814, and was exonerated for the loss of his vessel at his court martial.
Location: Ontario Service Centre
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