Presentation Sword and Scabbard Gen Drummond

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Title Presentation Sword and Scabbard Gen Drummond
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Description General Sir Gordon Drummond was responsible for the successful defence of Upper Canada from late 1813 until the end of the War of 1812. He commanded troops at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane and the siege of Fort Erie. This sword was presented by the Legislature of Upper Canada, and was most likely made and presented to him in Britain after the War. Drummond fought against the most professional American army in the bloody 1814 campaign in the Niagara region. Though he made mistakes on the battlefield, ultimately the opposing armies fought to a bloody stalemate. The Americans held on to Fort Erie, but destroyed it and withdrew to the United States at the end of the campaign. Drummond was the first Canadian born officer of general rank to serve in the British army. Personally brave, he was wounded in the neck at Lundy’s Lane, and the family retain the musket ball that was removed from him at Queenston Heights.
Location: Fort George NHS
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